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They can make themselves scarce.   

One of the best compliments a wedding photographer can receive from a couple is “we barely knew you were there!” Yes, experienced photographers are absolute pros at being unobtrusive, meaning there won’t be flashes in your face while you’re trying to say your vows. Wedding photographers have a variety of lenses at their disposal, so they’re able to capture incredible shots from most distances.

They’re the timeline enforcers.

An organized photographer will ensure that your wedding runs on schedule. Your photographer will work with your wedding planner, or whomever is creating your day-of timeline, to determine how long couple portraits, family photos, and the like will take. Then, on your wedding day, your photographer will keep everything (and everyone!) moving so that he or she gets all the photos you’ve requested in a timely manner.

They’ll catch the moments you’ll miss.

Having all of your loved ones in one place on your wedding day means that there will be lots of memorable moments— Tracy AlChayeb including some you might miss (you’re going to be pretty busy!). You need a wedding photographer to catch all of these moments and memories—from the major (your first kiss as a married couple) to the minor, but still fun to look back on (your great-aunt grooving on the dance floor).

They can conceal any flaws.

A big part of a photographer’s job actually comes after the wedding itself. During post-production, a photographer will subtly edit your images so that they still look natural, but just, well, better. For example, there’s a gorgeous photo of you—except you have a tiny smudge of lipstick on your cheek from your Aunt Betty’s smooch. An experienced photographer can easily remove the mark so the image is frame-worthy. You might not even notice the changes made during the editing process, but it’s part of the reason why images from a professional wedding photographer are that much more amazing than ones you’d take yourself.

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