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 About Peter Lapin Photography:


Our passion for photography is rooted back to early childhood, growing as our passion developed into a desire to share the beauty of people, places, and things. Through experience, mentorship, and few seminars, Peter Lapin Photography has mastered capturing special moments at events, studios, and charities, over the years.

Since 2010, Peter Lapin Photography has offered our clients a personalized and unique photo experience. With two traveling studios, our photographers can transform event spaces into red carpet extravaganzas, providing you with exceptional memories!

Peter Lapin Photography serves local and international! Our photos have been used for several international companies such as Scuba Diving International (featured our photos on brochures and trade-show booth banners), Dive Rite has featured our photos on banners, and the National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section used Peter Lapin Photography for branding and printing for the 2015 conference!

Seizing moments, capturing beauty, and creating memories are the foundations of Peter Lapin Photography. We guarantee your photo or printing experience with us will always be customized to your needs, completed in a timely manner, and of the highest quality in the industry. If we can make a memory more special for you, let us know how!

Peter Lapin Photography offers endless photo opportunities such as; Maternity, Family, Weddings/Special Occasions, Charity Events, Glamour, Underwater and Boudoir upon request. Check out our Gallery to see more!





Our primary camera is the Canon 5D Mark III (25MP camera) with the Canon “L” Lens. This high performance camera allows us to capture high definition images fast enough to keep up with you.


Canon 5D Mark III


Canon “L” Lens





Peter Lapin Photography has two ready-to-go portable studios! This allows us to travel to events, special occasions, and destinations.

Our portable studios consist of high power Elinchrom Studio Strobes and portable 600 RT Canon Strobes for more remote locations that require battery power.  These strobes allow for fast recharge and deliver the best color in the industry indoors and outdoors.


Elinchrom Studio Strobes


Cannon 600 RT Strobes (600 speed lights)




To ensure superlative prints, Peter Lapin Photography uses premium photo paper, first-rate pressed aluminum, and superior printers to ensure you are getting the best memories imaginable. All printing in completed in-house, visually inspected, and carefully delivered or shipped right to you. For more information on customized, on-site, or enlargement printing options, please visit our Printing page!



Epson Wide format Printer


Epson Sublimation Printer


High Speed Event Printers



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