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Kennedy Grace Goodwin


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June 6, 2015

About two months ago, I heard about a mermaid with a passion for scuba diving named Kennedy Goodwin. After hearing her story, Peter Lapin Photography had to be there to photograph her first experience in the Florida Springs to make her trip even more memorable. What is so special about Kennedy you may ask?


Kennedy Grace Goodwin was born with Goldenhar syndrome, which comes with numerous health and skeletal issues. She was born with only one kidney, has scoliosis and kyphosis of the spine, her left shoulder blade is hitched to her neck instead of the regular place which decreases her range of motion, and she has suffered from thoracic insufficiency syndrome (her chest wall on one side wasn’t growing  properly so her heart and lung were getting squeezed). Kennedy was also born with only one ear, a shortened jaw on one side, facial paralysis, legally blind in one eye, and only hears with the assistance of a bone-anchored hearing aid. She has endured 19 surgeries in her short 13 years. But none of that stops her from diving!


During an interview after being named the 2014 NC Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion, Kennedy noted that she wanted to learn how to scuba dive. Air Hogs Scuba in Garner, NC learned of this and certified Kennedy in October 2014, diving the cold dark water of Fantasy Lake. Owning her own Dive Rite gear, a trip was scheduled for Kennedy and her family to visit High Springs, FL for Kennedy to dive the gin clear Florida springs with Lamar Hires of Dive Rite.
The day was filled with fun, smiles and scuba, as Kennedy was able to dive with Lamar Hires from Dive Rite, Josh Norris and Thomas Powell from Air Hogs Scuba, and John McCain and Bre Grant from Narked Scuba, at Ginnie Springs! Peter Lapin Photography was there to capture Kennedy diving, laughing with her older sister, and getting love and encouragement from her family.


We prepare for another scuba adventure, as Kennedy and her family get ready to travel to Jensen Beach, FL to dive the Blue Herron Bridge with the staff from the SDI World Headquarters.


Peter Lapin Photography offers a variety of underwater photography including; scuba diving, in-water fashion, as well as in-water maternity, just to name a few! To learn more about those who helped Peter Lapin Photography make Kennedy’s day at Ginnie Springs special, check out their websites!

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